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Turning objectives



You have an objective for your collision facility. Our goal is to make it happen

We know that you are looking for equipment that performs to increase your profitability. It is our commitment to provide the most technologically advanced and quality built refinishing equipment systems available on the market today

Layout Design

For each project, we provide custom layout consultation carefully coordinating with electricians, plumbers, and fire suppression experts

Turn-Key Installation

  • Cad Drawings

  • City Permits

  • Pit Work

  • Plumbing

  • Fire Suppression

  • Electrical

  • Stack Work

  • Roofing

Paint Booths

Prep Stations

Mixing Rooms

Curtain Walls

Air Systems

Technology        Innovation        Quality

Service and Repair

Technicians utilize the latest tools for measuring and analyzing airflow, lighting, heat, electrical and gas performance to ensure that the equipment is operating properly and is within the guidelines put forth by applicable regulatory organizations. 


 *Technical Phone Support 

* 72-hour response on non-emergency service 

*24 hour response time for emergency service



Our preventative maintenance service is an effective and proactive program.  Wear and tear are anticipated and continuous correction actions are taken to ensure efficiency and performance as well as minimizing premature deterioration and downtime by correct minor problems before they become major repairs.  


* Service and Maintenance Programs

* Filter Changes

* Fan Cleaning 

* Replacement Components

* Control Panel Programming

* End User Training



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